Omni-Hybrid LED Tubular Daylighting System by Sun Dome

Castle Daylighting and Sun Dome presents at GreenBuild 2013 the first Omni-Hybrid LED Tubular Daylighting System. Sun Dome is the first manufacture to produce a Commercial 21" TDD & LED together as a hybrid tubular daylighting system. 
This year was the first time for our Sun Dome product line to shown at the GreenBuild Expo. There were over 250 different International and Domestic business stopping by the booth. The conversations were about their various dayligting projects and Sun Domes new daylighting innovations. Others were asking about availability for distribution in their trade area. 
Omni is the method of daylight harvesting and Hybrid is using both LED lights and our Tubular Daylighting System together.
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Daylighting a Interior Design Store in S. Pasadena

Daylighting a Interior Design Store in S. Pasadena
In South Pasadena a Interior Design Store needs Sun Dome tubular daylight devices to show off the hardware and fixtures, The store owner said we have a few dark areas and we need some help from Castle Daylighting. We listen to more of their concerns and wishes. With their construction knowledge of what they wanted we just let them know what were the options available.
 We started by taking a few daylighting measurements to find out what foot candles we are working with. This project was not normal because they also sell high end residential and commercial interior lights, Plumbing fixtures, Cabinets and hardware. Our goals was to light up the dark areas of the showroom and give back some Natural Color to the inventory being featured. 
On a commercial project we normally use the 21" or 13" Sun Dome, however not to have our Sun Dome over power the showroom we used seven 10" Sun Dome that is for a open ceiling with a white diffuser which is more Residential. 
 This building has a beautiful interior with natural open wooden beams that are stained in its natural color. The store showroom has several specialty vinyets that allow a designer or architect to bring a customer into their minds eye of what is possible for their home.  

 Seeing through the eyes of an Architect.  If you need help call Castle Daylighting at 949-487-3940 

Castle Daylighting visits GREENBUILD 2012

Castle Daylighting was WOW'd by USGBC at the GREENBUILD 2012. This year was my first year to attend the Conference which was held Nov. 14-16 at the Moscone Center in San Fransisco CA. I have attended many other major events,  like The World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dabi, SEMA Show in Las Vegas and RVIA Show in Louisville KY. But never have I seen a hosting group be so organized and visitor focused, as the USGBC.

Our growing business could not afford my time away from our customer needs. So, for me this trip was quick. I flew up from LAX to SFO and grabbed a BART train to the downtown area where I walked to the the Convention. I covered the GREENBUILD expo in one day ate dinner at a nearby Thai restaurant and back to the BART train to SFO and then back to LAX. Not sure about my carbon footprint that day but it was sure informative.

 My goal was to network Castle Daylighting with new people that cold help solve some of our growing business challenges. Of course we meet our competitors and their staff. I was able to network with industry innovators that will help our Sun Dome product development efforts this coming year. Our true goal is to become a bigger part of the North American sustainability movement in residential and commercial buildings.

 Seeing through the eyes of an Architect, was my take away from this years GREEN BUILD.   If you need help TURNING OFF THE LIGHTS in your GREEN PROJECT call Castle Daylighting at 949-487-3940 

Green Schools using new Clay Tile Metal Roof and Sun Dome Tubular Skylights

This Green School Classroom is a relocatable building that is factory built. New innovative building products are coming to the market through this modular or relocatable industry. The biggest issue that is solved by this GREEN CLASSROOM being factory built is the waste of Labor and Materials. Both in carbon footprint by less material transportation to the site and more controlled labor costs by the technician repeating the task time and time again.
This technician is installing a 13" Sun Dome Tubular Skylight into the the roof deck. However the roof material is not clay tile like it looks, but rather a clay tile looking metal roof that screwed down with rubber gaskets rumble screws. The finished GREEN SCHOOL has great curb appeal and is beautiful addition to the neighborhoods where the building will be installed.

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Daylighting This Old Metal Building #14 "the shop"

We have TURNED OFF THE LIGHTS for another Castle Daylight commercial customer. Their metal shop, is now well lite by four 21" Sun Dome tubular skylights. The photometric lighting audit results were great. The 30" work surface is averaging 51.2 foot candles, with a lighting goal of 40 foot candles, so we achieved more daylight than expected.

 This Flat R-Pan metal roof installation came out nice. The ceiling is wide open like many commercial projects. The transfer tubes hang straight down 4 feet into the work area. Leaving the diffuser lens at 12+ feet from the floor. This once dark 1200 square foot work area now needs some white or light gray paint and we will get all the maximum amount of reflection for this commercial building. We know from our Castle Daylighting case studies that painting the walls and floor with light colors will raise our lighting performances another 25%-30%.

 Energy conservation and improving your commercial buildings lighting performance, is never just doing one correction. Energy efficiency is a series of corrections and remedies.  The idea is that there is always something more that can be done to a home or building.

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Daylighting This Old Metal Builiding #13 " The Shop"

Daylighting This Old Metal Buildings "the shop". Here the technicians are doing the pre-assembly of the 21" Sun-Dome tubular skylight.

 When doing any size commercial installation we want to reduce the amount of time the technicians are on the roof. So on a bench the Alanod Miro Silver transfer tubes are riveted together and the "A" tube is connected to the "B" tube. Then the Aluminum Foil Tape and breathable weather strip seal in installed, this is to control condensation problems that can happen with temperature differences between the attic area and roof.
This shop area is a open ceiling type of installation, where the tube hangs down into the work area with a domed type of prismatic diffuser. Our Sun-Dome products are manufactured standard with a domed diffuser. This principle of using a domed diffuser gives Sun-Dome an additional 12 degrees more daylight over a competitors flat diffuser.

This Sun-Dome installation is about the detail work. All Sun-Dome are sealed at the diffuser and double sealed at the top dome and flashing. When we do this we are creating dead air just like a thermal pane window. This dead air principle gives our Sun-Dome a great NFRC  rating of 0.19 for U-Factor and 0.19 for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

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Daylighting This Old Metal Building #12 "The Shop"

Daylighting This Old Metal Building by the photometric numbers.The 1500 square foot shop area was darkest place on the property. This daylighting  project will start with a light measurement on 4-2-2012 at 11:00am? This showed a very low 2.72 foot candle average at 30" work surface height.

On this Sun-Dome commercial installation we find a R-Pan metal roof which is 36" inches wide. Due to the darkness we needed to cut the hole location closer together than normal. The Intention is to overlap the amount of light coming from each Sun-Dome. This is seen on the photo where the transfere tubes are not yet in but the light is showing rings on the floor the top of the barrel.

Here we use our commercial 21" Sun-Dome Tubular Daylight Device with a flat aluminum flashing for a open ceiling. With an open ceiling the prismatic diffuser will screw into the ends of the transfer tubes. The 21" Sun-Dome prismatic diffusseres is concave and gives us 12 degrees more light into the work area.

If you need help turning off the lights in your Old Metal Building call Castle Daylighting at 949-487-3940 This Old Metal Building